Senior Product Designer, Growth

United States


Experience Designer
Adobe Stock (San Francisco)

Lead Product Designer - Growth
Atlassian (Mountain View)

Growth Product Designer*
Dropbox (San Francisco)
*Hiring for multiple Growth Product Designer roles

Product Designer, Growth
Evernote (Redwood City)

Product Design Lead, Growth
Gusto (San Francisco)

Product Leadership, Acquisition (Growth)
Instacart (San Francisco)

Product Leadership, Retention (Growth)
Instacart (San Francisco)

Product Designer, Retention
Instacart (San Francisco)

Visual Product Designer - Growth
Netflix (Los Gatos)

Copywriter, Growth Marketing
PlayVS (Santa Monica)

Designer, Growth Marketing
PlayVS (Santa Monica)

Product Manager, Growth
PlayVS (Santa Monica)

Product Designer, Growth
Thumbtack (San Francisco)

Product Designer, Growth
Twilio (San Francisco)

Senior Product Design, Udemy for Business (Growth)
Udemy (San Francisco)

Growth Product Manager
Webflow (San Francisco or Remote)

Senior Product Designer*
Wellio (San Francisco)
*Job title doesn’t include growth but this role has a growth focus


Senior UX Researcher, Growth
HubSpot (Boston)

New York

Product Designer, Growth
Clover (New York City)

Senior Growth Designer
Vimeo (New York City)

Senior Designer, Growth Product Innovation
WeWork (New York City)

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